Emergency Driving Training

If you're in need of emergency driving training, Alert Services Inc in Nyack, NY can help you acquire your emergency driving certification. We are a trusted instructor to help you in qualifications with BLS certification and national safety council certified programs.

Driving an Emergency Vehicle is more dangerous than your personal vehicle. Between 1992-2011 (20 years), there was an annual estimated mean of 4,500 motor vehicle traffic crashes involving ambulance (NHTSA'S FATALITY ANALYSIS REPORTING SYSTEM). Of these crashes reported:

  • 65% resulted in property damage
  • 34% resulted in an injury/injuries
  • <1% resulted in a fatality/fatalities

A lot of theses accidents could of been the ambulance driver's fault, weather related, poor maintenance on the ambulance etc. The Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator's Course will cover all of potential occurrences while operating in Emergency and non Emergency Mode

* Basic Driving Policies
* Emergency Response
* Riding in in Non/Emergency Mode
* Special Safety Considerations
* Accident Reporting
* Your Responsibility
* Use of Personal Vehicle


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